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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Make Online Money With Sharecash

1. What is Sharecash

     Sharecash is a Pay Per Downloads website. Big companies use this kind of platforms to find out the opinion of the customers to make their products more attractive. So you may wonder why does it worth to me as I do not own a big company. No your are the person who is going act as a mediator with those companies and their customers. If you create any kind of content such as ebooks or a software, You have two options to make atheprofit with it.

    You can sell them on a website such as Amazon or distribute it free with a PPD network such as Sharecash. In Amazon, the buyer has to pay with money but in sharecash he has to pay it with his opinion about some product or a category. Simply if you upload a file in a PPD network such as sharecash, you will be paid every time anyone downloads that file as he or she need to fill a quick survey in order to download the file.

   Even though this system has been introduced recently it has been spread all over the e-money industry as its more effective than low-cost selling. Everyone like for free things if the visitor feels your content is valuable and it's free, and he only has to spend two or three minutes on a survey in order to download it, he will feel much more comfortable with doing that than paying it with his hard earned money.

earn money by uploading files free with sharecash

2. Why Sharecash what about other PPD networks

  • Paying in an average of 1$ for a Download
  • It is the most popular PPD network and has spread all over the globe 
  • Make Payments in the time
  • Multiple Payment options (Payoneer, Payza, Checks, Bank Wire Transfers)
  • You can share it's own Exclusive content without making uploads
  • The referrals program

3. Is Sharecash a legit or a scam

    Sharecash is a 100% legit site. If you are experienced with money earning websites you know the way to find out whether a website is legit or scam, Just type in google for " Sharecash legit or scam" and read the reviews and take a look at the payment proofs published that will cut off your doubt.
    If you wish to join click the link below and join sharecash
Click Here to Join Sharecash

4. It needs a huge Traffic isn't it

     This is some kind of tough questions to answer. If you already own a website or a blog this just another high earning feature that you would like to add on to it. But if you are a complete newbie you might have a tough time at the beginning with low earning until you made out a solid targeted traffic on your blog or the website. Even though having a web property like a website or a blog is the best option for content marketing it's not the only way, you can try strategies such as bulk mailing to email lists. A good attractive email also has the ability to impress the visitor as same a website.

Hope this was useful to you. Please be kind enough to post your opinion in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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