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Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Reality of PTC Sites Scam or Legit

learn weather PTC sites are really worth for your time or not

PTC sites or Paid To Click sites means the websites which are paying their members for watching the advertisements in them. Mostly this is the starting point of most of the people who involved in making money online. Unfortunately, it also becomes the ending point of most of them.

So isn't it cool to earn money you need just by clicking some advertisements, But the problem is, it is not going to be simple as that said. So if you are with PTC websites you must definitely read this.

As most of the online money making systems, PTC industry also consists of tons of scams among the few of legitimate sites.

PTC is the easiest way to make e-money, however, not the best way. There are so many better options, such as Forex Mini-jobs PPD Networks Affiliate Marketing etc.

Is it All the PTC sites are Scam?

the quick answer is NO. Most of them are scams. You have to cut off all the grass before start the plating if you still wish to continue with Paid to Click websites.

If you are going to invest your time and money on a third party website first you need to make sure are they cheating you or not. Focus on following facts to make sure whether they are legit or scam.

1. Take a look at the design of Website.

If someone wishes to continue his website for a long time, He is not going to maintain it as a trash. So if the website you visited is not seemed to be well designed it would mostly be a scam.

2. Income for an Ad view.

Take a look at the income for viewing an advertisement, no one in the earth is going to pay you over $0.01 for just visiting their websites. So if someone says that they are going to pay you over the amount I mention, it has more chance to be a scam.

3. Check out the reviews about it.

Just google " (Name of the PTC site) review". You will go through a bunch of blog posts and forum discussions about the website. If most of them seem to be negative just don't think about it. Here give more attention on the forum discussions about the PTC sites as some people buy paid reviews about their websites from bloggers.

However, though you picked the right one it still has the ability to disappear few days ahead. So if you only wish to make some extra income with PTC, do not try to discover new sites just follow the most reputed websites in the industry. There are few websites which are paying regularly for years without any issue. So those few sites may be the best option for you.

If I joined those few sites and start work is it all right then?

Not at all, I struggle over a year with those PTC sites(Without Investment) and only made just like 90$. The Fantasy shown in the PTC sites are not real at all. There are two ways you can be succeeded with PTC
  • You must have a Strong traffic to make a huge number of Direct Referrals    
  • You must have the ability to invest money for renting Referrals and making Upgrades 

However, What are those few sites?

1. Neobux

  • Paying regularly from the year 2008, 
  • Unlimited direct referrals, 
  • $2 minimum payout

  • Paying from 2007
  • So many options to earn money including surveys and mini-jobs 
  • Can not rent referrals here but unlimited direct referrals
  • $8 minimum payout

This PTC site is different from others and values of the ad clicks are defend on according to the BAP value you have accumulated. High-value ads are available such as 10$ for an advertisement.

  • Paying regularly from 2011
  • Unlimited direct referrals but no rent referrals
  • $2 minimum payout.

Finally, I would like to say again even though PTC is a super easy way to earn money it may not the best option.  I hope this post was useful to you and Please comment below if you have anything to ask. Do Not forgot to share this with friends to inform them.

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