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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Earn money by Sharing links

monetize your external links, earn with content you share, earn extra money with daily internet use

Web traffic is money and also some people try to buy web traffic with money. No one can cover the whole sky with his hands so every content creator needs to collaborate with others. But the medium of this collaboration always links.

If you are already writing a blog, Website or a YouTube channel or any kind of traffic source you already know that you have to link external content with your traffic source to make a clear picture of the visitor about what you are saying.

As an example think you are making a blog post on " How to get more likes on your Facebook Page", Then you may need to link another content about " How to make a Facebook Page".

So this kind of link is so important for the content owner as it drives traffic to him and it's also valuable with Search engine Optimization for him. Isn't you are stupid if you do not collect the reward for what you had given.

However above description does not mean this system is only applicable for the website owner, However, it's more profitable for website owners than someone else.

You can make some money even with your well grew social media accounts with this system.
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How can I make money with the links I share?

Simply I can say by advertising them. There are a bunch of websites called URL Shortener websites. You just have to submit the URL you gone promote the URL Shortener you choose then will provide you a short URL instead of the URL you submit you. It is the link you need to promote if you wish to make money with it.

What's they do is once someone clicks on the shortened link they display an advertisement for five seconds, and a button named as Skip Ad will appear then the viewer has to click it then he will be redirected to the original link.

For this process, the advertiser is going to pay you for giving them an impression.
( Check how it is - )

How much I'm gone make?

You have to ask this question yourself as it depends on you and the web traffic you driven on the shorten links. If you use more URLs you are going to make more money.

Normally URL shortener sites are paying around $2 to $5 for 1000 ad views. If you have tons of traffic you can make thousands of dollars for the month and if you just have your social media accounts you are going to make $30 to $60 a month. 

How can I earn money with my social media accounts?

Just be normal. If you watched an awesome YouTube video share it with friends. But don't use it's original link just make sure to shorten it with URL Shortener you choose.

This is really important with social medias such as twitter as it only allowed to use 160 characters for a post.

So you need to use a short link otherwise you will not able write caption about the thing you are gonna post. But most importantly don't miss use this and try to spam otherwise you are going to lose your social media friends instead of making money.

You can also use Facebook groups and google+ communities and such things to drive more traffic through your shorten links.
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What are those URL Shortener Websites?

As I said there is a bunch of URL Shortener websites you can use. But here I'm going to list few websites with their features, which are the best rocking in the industry.

1. ADF.LY                                                                                          Sign Up Now

The oldest and the most trusted URL Shortener website on the internet. Approximately pays $5 for 1000 ad views. Not have a fixed rate of paying for 1000 views as it cares about the location of the viewer.

And it's minimum payout is $5 you can make payments with Paypal, Payza or Payoneer. 
You can also make 20% referral commission from the people you refer to adfly.                                                                                        Sign Up Now

Unlike in has a fixed rate of paying of $2 for 1000 ad views and minimum payout is low as $5. Payments can be made with Paypal, Payoneer, and Webmoney to receive your payment.

Even though this is new website it had been able to win the trust of publishers in a short time. This is very useful with its wide range of tools and web gadgets it has.                                                                                             Sign Up Now

This website is also a fast growing new website. This is paying approximately $5 for 1000 ad views and does not have a fixed rate of paying for 1000 views as same as it

Payments can be made with Paypal and Payoneer and the minimum payout is $5 here. 

What can I do to Increase the earnings?

Use texted links if you are using a website or a blog to promote you links. Sometimes social medias such as Facebook blocks the Shorten links on such instances mask the links with a website such as Smarturl.

And there is also something you should not do that is not to shorten your own link. Having a good system of internal links is so much important to rotate your traffic and also it's a good factor of your Search Engine Optimization, as shorten links are not found as backlinks by the search spiders.

Final Words

I hope this article was useful to you. Commenting is all yours, it is open for your questions, your opinions and also for your experiences. So do not forget to share this with your friends if you think this will be also helpful to the.

Thanks for reading.

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