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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Easy online Jobs - Micro jobs to work from Home

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There are lot of ways to earn money, lot of jobs you can do. But all of those are scheduled by someone else. You always need to be the puppy of your boss.

 Have you ever wish to make your income working from home being your own boss even though you don't have special skills with online money making systems? If the answer is yes this is for you.

Here is a good opportunity to you which will lead you to do simple and small jobs which anyone can do to make your own income being your own boss. You can work when you wish to work and take leave when you wish to leave.

This system is also much suitable for students who are looking for a part time job and also people who wish to invest their bored time in a productive way to make an extra income.

But do not think the above statement make a sense that this is not suitable to make a full-time income.

So What is this? 

This is called doing micro jobs. Also called as mini jobs all you need to do is sign up with websites which provide you mini jobs and start working.

These websites work as mediators between the work providers and the workers. Pick up jobs which interest you and complete them and submit the proofs requested. Then you will be paid once your proofs are confirmed.

The above structure matches the most of the mini job sites, But still there may be small differences. So lets we take a look at the best micro job brokers in the industry.

  1. Rapid Workers
  2. Microworkers
  3. Jobboy
  4. Crowdsource
These are the most reputed globally available micro job sites. From these, my personal best is Rapid Workers where I found the most of my high paying Jobs.

And the Microworkers and Jobboy are almost looking same. But with Crowdsource You have to go through testings to Reach more paying job levels. Sign up with those will not be a difficult task as it just had to submit your personal information form.

What about Payments?

OK, these micro jobs just going to consume a 2 to 6 minutes of your time so they are not going to pay you thousands of dollars for those works. You may earn around 1$ for a job. Some jobs are paying only a few cents.

When you reached the minimum amount to withdraw you can withdraw them using your online payment processors such as PayPal, Payza and Skrill

What are the Top Micro Jobs?

1. Writing Amazon reviews  

As you know Amazon is an online marketplace which aloes people to buy and sell things. There are a lot of traders and buyers also a good competition among the traders. So how they gone boost up their products is having a good amount of positive feedbacks.

That's why they need you and that's why they pay you much than other jobs. In addition to your mini job site, you need an Amazon account to write paid Amazon reviews. So make one Free If you do not have one yet.

2. Download files from PPD Networks

To download files from a PPD network you need to fill a quick survey. When someone download a file around $1 will receive by the person who uploaded the file. So he is paying you a half. If you wish to learn more about PPD networks Read This

3. Sign up Jobs

When someone launched a new website especially an e-money sites such as PTC sites they need registed members to carry on it. So they need your help. Also, you are targeted by referral programs of some peoples they also give you this offers. You can also use this to identify new websites they may be interesting to you.

So with these and also there are others such as voting on online contests, Making Facebook shares and lot of things you can do. Choose what you wish to do as you are the own boss of you.

Final words

Do not try to cheat by submitting invalid proofs as you need to keep your success rate in order to make payouts. Personally, I am making around $20 a day by working 3 or 4 hours with these mini job sites.

So there is no need of try to cheating. And I also not going to post payment proofs here as I know you are too smart and research more on these things.

Also, read How to Maximize the Micro Job Earnings to learn few more tricks. Wish you good earnings and finally do not forget to add you comment below about this post. Thanks for reading

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