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Friday, July 8, 2016

How to make Bitcoin Wallet and get its money to my pocket

What is Bitcoin Wallet? For what it is?

Your pocket holds the local printed money you have. So bitcoin wallet is your pocket which holds the digital money you had. These days most of the online marketing places have becoming bitcoin-based. So the bitcoin wallet and the knowledge around it is being necessary for your online life. 
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Where and how can I make a bitcoin wallet?

There are two main types of bitcoin wallets.
  1. Hardware wallets
  2. Online wallets
Hardware wallets are made with a software installed on your Computer. And It identifies your computer's features. So then you can enter that wallet with only your computer. It has such a high security and also a higher rate of fees according to the rates of online wallets. And you do not need a hardware wallet if you do not wish to perform Bitcoin Mining. Anyway if you wish to make a hardware wallet you can get the software from MultiBit HD or from Bitcoin Core.

The best option is making an online wallet. These process the lowest fees of all the online payment options. You can have yours from Blockchain or from Xapo. You just have to sign up with any of these or there are too many others. Just make sure that you use a password hard to guess. Also, you can add a two-factor authentication for extra security. Then you can your wallet address to send or receive bitcoin.
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How Can I deposit or Withdraw money from a wallet?

The easiest way to deposit bitcoin is buying bitcoin you can buy bitcoin from even from xapo or blockchain even from an external website if you wish to do so. You can buy bitcoin using your debit card or with an online payment processor such as papal and Payza. If you wish to earn bitcoin and withdraw them that is also a simple task. Most of the wallet markers such as Xapo issues a debit card for your account which you use same as your bank debit card. You can also withdraw your bitcoin through an online payment processor such as Payza. In those, you can make a temporary bitcoin address which you can use to send bitcoin from your wallet

Hope this was useful to you please comment here if you have something else to ask or even if you has feedback. Thanks for reading.

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