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Saturday, July 30, 2016

How to make money with a Blog

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Some people think blogging is completely waste of time and it's just a hobby. There is nothing we can gain from blogging.

But this opinion is completely wrong we are making money from blogging. I'm not making a lot of money yet but the bloggers who have a huge traffic on their blogs make thousands of dollars for a month by blogging.

Also, you may say "I know that bloggers make money by displaying ads on their blog" that is correct but displaying ads on the blog is not the only way to make money by blogging.

Here I'm going to talk about few ways you can make money by blogging.

1. Displaying Advertisements on the blog

Every company needs the attention of the costumes  So they make it by advertising on your blog. But you do not have to contact advertisers and talk with them to get the advertisements.

There are websites who act as mediators between advertisers and publishers. The most famous one is Google Adsense. All you have to do is register with such a website such as Google Adsense and do the placement of ad spots according to the instruction given to them.

Then advertisements will aromatically be displayed in your blog.  Look at the top banner and right side banner of my blog.
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2. Affiliate marketing

Every producer does not have the ability to sell their productions by themselves so they need someone to sell their products.
So if you have a blog with good traffic you can promote their products on your blog and make people buy them. As you make people buy their products they pay you. Websites such as E-bay and Amazon use affiliate marketers to increase their sells.

If you really need to know more about affiliate marketing read this What is affiliate Marketing by Problogger.

3. Using PPD websites  for free downloads.

PPD means Pay Per Download. This kind of websites emerged very recently but this is the best way to earn money from blogging.

You can upload files or a product of you to a PPD website and share its link in your blog. Then your readers have the ability to download those files free by filing a quick survey.

As you made those people fill those surveys you got paid by the PPD website. As it said this is a very effective way to earn money from blogging. As your readers do not need to buy anything they will definitely download your files if they need them.

If you have more downloads you will earn more money. Sharecash is the best paying and most trusted PPD website on the internet if you wish to learn more about sharecash read this Make Online Money With Sharecash.

4. Using Shorten Links for external Links.

Not any blog or a website can stand alone every website or blog need to make links to external websites. So these links also have the ability to make some money for you with the association of a link shorten website such as Adfly.

When you submit your external link to those websites you got anther short monetized link which will bring you back to the original link. As this link is monetized you got paid. 
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5. Writing paid reviews about websites?

If your blog has a good web traffic and also if you had won the trust of the readers the other websites may love to have a review from your blog. So they will pay you hundreds of dollars for your review.

Until today I haven't found any website who work as a mediator in this process. The only way is contacting other websites owners and talk with them or they will contact you. 

So these are the main way which bloggers used to make their income. I hope you don't think blogging is a waste of time anymore.

This information may be useful to people who hope to start a blog similarly for beginners so share this with friends to inform them. Do not forget to comment your opinion about the post below. 
Thanks for reading.    

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