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Friday, July 22, 2016

How to Maximize the Micro Job Earnings

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You may be a someone who already familiar with doing micro jobs as an easiest way to make money online or not. If you are not and want to know what is this first you have to Click Here and learn the basics of the topic.

You may already make $10 or $20 a day but what I am going to do here is teach you few tricks which I used to maximize my earnings.
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1. Use Few E-mail accounts

If you are familiar with micro jobs you already know that most of the Sign-up jobs targeted in few e-money sites.

You may see the same job again and again but you can't do it again as you already registered with your email.

So what I suggest you make a list of emails of your own and use one by one. But don't generate fake email addresses as you have to confirm the email in most of the websites when you sigh up.

2. Use a Software to change the Proxy

Using a different proxy or a different IP address change your location for the internet. This thing is pretty important in completing download tasks Which you have to download files from PPD networks.

You may have already seen tasks that ask you to Fill a quick survey and download the file. But when you try to download the files there may be no surveys available.

You can overcome this problem with Proxy Software by changing your location from your country to US, UK or Australia as these countries always have the surveys. Click Here to get VPN Gate Client(Proxy Software) Free.

3. Rate the tasks

Usually, when we complete the tasks we keep moving on to another but what I'm going to say is wait on the finished task and rate it higher or lower as its quality. Rating tasks are not available in every micro job site but keep that habit in the sites which you are eligible to do so.

Rating tasks will automatically make pop up of tasks which are similar to the tasks you rate high. So it will make you more effective. 

4. Make Some Referrals 

Referrals become a lifetime asset for you. As every time they complete a task you receive a commission for introducing them to the site.

All you need to do is Inform your inform your friends about what you are doing and make sure they use your referral link to sign up. In some websites such as microworkers it has different levels of referrals.

Make use of your social media accounts to grow your refs further. Also, try to make a well-explained blog post including your referral link and promote it a bit. Then you might be able to make thousands of referrals which will make you hundreds of dollars a day.

So I think this information was useful to you. Please comment your opinion about the post below. Finally thanks for reading.

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