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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Earn money with Best Pay Per Install (PPI) Affiliate Programs

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What is Pay per Install or (PPI) Affiliate program?

We know about affiliate marketing as a main method which both App Developers and Web Publishers used to make their income. In the affiliate marketing, the app maker makes the app and publisher spread it all over the internet after that they share the income came from the earnings.

So Pay per install affiliate programs can be called as the next level of affiliate marketing. Both app developer and the publisher is going make a profit on their product but it is not going to cost a single cent from the user of the product.

The System of this PPI affiliate programs are bit complicated and it also differs a bit from one PPI program to another, however, it can basically describe as follows.

The app developer uploads his software for free distribution and the advertisers who are looking for massive boost on their products inject an extra feature for the above software,

Which asking the user to download and install another app or a program as the both app developer and publisher help the advertiser to spread their products he paying both of them.

Then why do not those advertisers directly advertise their products? Why do they use an another program to promote it? Because those content which is promoted by advertisers are not something people looking for. They have to press it on internet users.

As an example, No one is usually looking for something for such as browser toolbar with bookmarks for the most popular websites and with some other features. But if you are asked for install it too within an installation of some other program you may install it too. 

As i said above all the PPI programs do not use the same protocol. Some companies spread Adwares and Malwares with their products, also some spread tracking tools so need to be careful when choosing the correct one for you.

How does it profitable?

I will answer this considering both parties Publishers and App developers

1. Publishers

Most of blog or website owners do not receive a huge traffic on their web property. So it might not enough to make sales from affiliate programs. And you may also think that my poor audience is not wealthy enough to buy anything

However, no one is poor enough to avoid downloading an amazing app for free. And these Pay Per Install programs are consist of a huge amount of free apps covering every Operating System including Windows, Android, Mac everything.

If your blog or website is about softwares this is a gold mine you must watch at, even if you are not you will definitely found a bunch of softwares suitable for your niche.

Note- However some PPI programs deliver browser hijackers, Ad-wares and Male-wares. So you need to really careful when choosing the PPI programs you need. Because containing such things can make a bad reputation about you with your audience. 

2. App Developers

You may not able to make mind blowing apps all the time, Which can be sold for hundreds of dollars. So isn't it nice to make money by distributing your apps for free.

However, this is still not valid to use for best mindblowing products as they are more worth than having a dollar or two for a download. So do not forget to sell them using a proper affiliate program or with an own custom website.

How much can I earn for a download?

This is a powerful CPA advertising system, So you are going to pay with big rewards usually they pay both publisher and the app developer in the same way. That amount stays on $1 to $5 it defers according to the company you chose.

What are the best Pay Per Install (PPI) affiliate programs?

This website pays you $2 for every download. And the most important thing is this website offers a free tool for every Publisher which have the ability to attract traffic for them.

This website also paying you $2 for every download and its not going to promote someone's product it's distributing an inbuilt tracking software which is not harming your visitor.

3. Somoto

This not paying you in a fixed rate. It changes from $1 to $2. With this you just have to write wonderful articles, Its advertisers will promote your website for you.

Apart from these, there are a bunch of websites who act on same manner SolimbaInstallCoreBetterInstaller etc.

You can join even with all of these networks if you wish. However, you need to be careful when joining a new unreputed PPI program as these programs are very unstable at the beginning.

So I hope this article was helpful for you. If you enjoy reading the article do not forget to share this with your friends, and also feel free to post your opinion with comments. 

Thanks for reading

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