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Sunday, August 14, 2016

How to use Facebook Groups to attract more traffic on your Content

how to use facebook groups attract more visitors, how to get more traffic from facebook groups

Facebook is most populated social media as we all know. So if you searched the internet for strategies to make traffic on your content you can observe Facebook again and again.

But if you have tried you may have experienced that it as not easy as it said.

It's a hard task but it's not impossible. Facebook is the best platform to attract target traffic on your content no matter what it is.

Usually, Facebook Groups are made with a niche so all you need to do is picking up the right groups for you. Those groups are communities which have the interest about your niche.

Your content may be a blog post a YouTube video even it can be a referral link. Weather, what it is Facebook is a rich source of niche communities for it.

But is it all over by joining them and posting on them. Facebook groups are a rich source of traffic and also a good source of content too.

It takes only two or three minutes to disappear the post you made on a group, only few visitors who visit the group at the exact moment will see the post.

Some people join on hundred of groups and made posts on all of them, but its only bring few clicks on your post. So it seems frustrating, you may ask "is there anything else i can do?".

Of cause, there is a very important thing you have missed. What is the think which makes a post stay on the top on the posts? You know the answer its engagements on the post if it has a lot of likes shares and comments on it, it will stay on the top for a while.

So is there any method to increase the engagements on my posts? that may be your next question. There are two main tasks you need to fulfill to archive this.

1. Making your post more attractive.

You must motivate anyone who sees the post, to read it. Then he will definitely like it if he found it is cool. So always use a cool image and an attractive title with your post.

2. Make more friends within the groups.

This is the most important thing and also the thing which many people didn't do. When you making a post in a group every friend of you who is also being a member of the particular group got a notification about that post.

It makes they come and visit your post and also they can like and share your post. But it may not enough to have 5 or 6 friends from a group. You have to make at least 100 friends from a group. So they will visit your post and make more and more engagements with your posts.

But do not leave this page now and send friend requests to hundreds of members on your niche groups that will only result the ban of your Facebook account. So add friends day by day such as 10 or 15 friends a day.

Give it the time it need otherwise you will just spot out as a spammer and your Facebook account will be blocked.

This process has the ability to boost your Facebook traffic personally I make over hundreds of page views on my blog from a single post on a group with this trick. But you need to give the time it needs to build up the friends within the group.

This process helps you in another way. After few days your friend list becomes a good niche targeted audience for you. so then you have the ability to make targeted traffic even without the groups you used to.

You also have the ability to start your own group. The main advantage of making your own group is the ability to make pinned posts.

Pinned post always stay at the top of the post list in a group and every visitor of the group impressed by it. So you can imagine what amount traffic it can make for your content.

As it said this process takes some time to build up the background as you need. If you feel you need to speed up the process you can do it by making the engagements yourself.

As all of us know we can make few Facebook accounts and make them friends of each other and also members of your particular niche groups. So when you make a post do not forget like, comment and share them with all of your Facebook accounts.

Finally, I have to say I am using this trick for a long time now and successfully make thousands of visitors on my blog. So hope this post was useful to you, Please do not forget to leave a comment about the post. Thanks for reading.

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4 on: "How to use Facebook Groups to attract more traffic on your Content"
  1. I really like that, thanks for sharing, I can see it having a lot of traffic to my blog

    1. really thanks for your comment I'm using this strategy for a long time now.

  2. Hmm... I did not get much traffic from group. Maybe not enough friend is the reason.

    1. It must be try this this will definitely work