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Friday, August 5, 2016

URL Shortener Top Strategies to earn without a Website

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We have already discussed about URL shorten and how to earn money with shorten URLs and also how much you can earn if you have a good traffic source. If you are not familiar with these terms you must read the below article first.
Earn money by Sharing links

As you  already know you have to sign up with a URL Shortener website such as Adfly and shrink URLs with it and finally you have to make people click those short URLs.

It is useless if you can't make people click those links. Approximately you can earn $3 or $4 for 1000 clicks on your links but it's not an easy task to get 1000 link clicks if you do not have a good strategy to make it.

If you own a website or a blog even a YouTube channel you can use URL shortener links for external links. If you are not this will not simple as that. Even though you may wonder by asking that the most of the top URL Shortener earners do not own any website.

So now I'm going to focus you on the top strategies they use to make thousands of clicks for a day.

1. Sharing links Social media accounts

This is the most primary thing  you can do. All of us familiar with social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc as a gathering place for our friends and family.

So as we used to we have a habit for share any cool stuff we found on the internet with social medias so all you need to do is use Short URLs instead of its original URLs to make five clicks on your links.

2. Web Commenting method

This is pretty cool way to make few thousands of click on your links in a short time period. All you need to do is finding out a shocking information about something rocking in the current situation.

This is not a difficult task with the Free tool called Google Trend. You can access this with the link given or search it on google.

With this, you find out all the top trends at the moment. Then you choose one of the top trends on the google, find out an attractive blog post or a video about that thing.

As an example If choose "Britney Spears" as the trend i choose a blog post such as "Britney Spears New song released" as the information what we are going to promote.

Then you shrink the URL and get the Short URL and you have to post it with blog posts and YouTube videos as much as possible. If Britney Spears is a trend at the moment content about her catches a huge traffic even the comment you made is going to attract a good amount of traffic.

So finally do not forget to add a good attractive title with the link as it has the ability to motivate the visitor to watch it.

3. Question Answering sites and Forums

The internet makes life easy it has the ability bring answers to your questions in minutes of browsing. But if someone feels he or she needs answers from a real human the next step they took is question answering site or a forum.

You may already know top 2 question answering sites are Yahoo Answers and Quora. But if you think to use forums to boost traffic on your links, only use forums which are allowed to use Shorten URLs.

You may already have the sense what we gone do with those. But keep in mind you have, to be honest, do not spam all over them. That is not going make you any clicks.

Do not directly post links saying you can find the answer to your question here. Carefully read the questions and answer them at your very best and include Shorten URLs for additional information. 

As a example if you saw question on QA site or in a forum asking how to make a Facebook Page you must answer it with your real words and then for additionally you can make some links as Click here to learn about 10 tips to get more likes on your Facebook page or How to make your FB page looks, Professional.

4. Social book-marketing Sites

Social book-marketing sites such as Reddit Digg are rich sources of traffic if you could publish a good content there it will rock there in minutes. You can use the Google trend also here to find out something to fire out. Also keep in mind to use an attractive title with the links.

5. Make your links look Spam free

Here i have a screen shot of the link shrinking interface of adfly. Other URL Shorteners also have these features so no matter what is your URL Shortener. What you need to do is use a different Domain and a Custom name.

People who are familiar with shorten URLs may distract from your links by identifying them as Shorten URLs and thinking you are a spammer. So you can avoid it by using a different domain. 

Custom Name is also a very important feature it senses the visitor that the link is exactly about the thing which is described in the title.

According to the above example if we shrink a link which is pointing on the new song of Britney Spears we can use the custom name as "Britney Spears new song". When it shrinks with that the shorten URL, It consists the custom name. ( Link will look like this - So it really makes a good sense on visitor and it brings you more clicks.

Hope these strategies are useful to you and do not forget to post a comment if you have a different strategy. Also feel free to ask any question you had on these, and to comment your opinion. Don't forget to share this in social media to inform your friends. Finally thanks for reading.

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