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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Earn money for listening music - Earn by doing something you already do

earn money by listening and reviewing music, top sites to earn by listening to the music

Do you love to listen the music, Alright who don't? So in this article, I'm going to show you some online programs which allow you to earn some bucks by doing something you already do.

But do not leave this page now by misreading the phrase "some bucks", these programs are not gonna waste your valuable time for a penny or two.

So without wasting much time let's focus on the best websites which are going to pay you for listening music. I'm pretty sure you are going to love this programs if you really love the music.


This is the best website to earn money by listening music according to both reviews on the internet and also according to my personal experience.

There you have to listen to the song at least for 90 seconds and you have to write a short review of 50 or more words. once you finish the review, they will pay you.

The paying amount for a song differs from 5 cents to 20 cents according to your ratings. When you are reviewing songs, also they are rating your reviews.

However, the most important thing here is you can work 24/7, you can review songs as many as you want. So whenever you want to listen the songs and earn money this place is open for you.

They also have an interesting referral program, you can refer friends as much as you can. You will receive a 20% commission from every cent your referral earn for the first 60 days and the commission amount will be decreased to 10% after the first 60 days. So you can use my ref link if you wish.

In addition to reviewing songs, you can also review fashions and mobile apps in order to earn more.  Once you have earned $10 you can request your payment through PayPal. So if you love music, this may be the place for you to earn some bucks from your interest.

However, this program is not going to accept members outside US and UK. So if you live outside US and UK you can not join the program now.

Music Xray

This program is globally covered. So anyone with an internet connection can join this program and earn money by enjoying the music. And the best part of this program is you just have to listen the song for 30 seconds to earn your reward.

Yes, you do not have to write even a review to earn money here. This program act as a fan finder programs, So if you like the song you can be a fan of the artist.

They pay you 30 cents for every song you listen and its minimum payment is relatively high than the other websites that amount is $20. You can receive payment through PayPal once you reach the minimum payment.

I saw a lot of reviews about this website saying earn $10 a day or even earn $12 an hour, But I don't have such a good experience with this site.

I joined this website two months ago and I just receive only 15 songs to listen, so I just earn $1.5 for two entire months, I couldn't earn even $1 for a month. I dis not receive any song to listen in the first week, 2 in the second week, and 3 on the third week so on.

However, the number songs I receive seems to be growing even though it seems to consume a lot of time to grow.

So If you are serious about making money online this will not be an ideal place for you. However, you can join it wait until you receive an email saying you have a song to listen from them.

In order to that, you can also make some extra bucks from referring friends, So if you wish to join this program you can use my ref link if you wish to use it. And do not forget to choose "I am a Music Fan" in the sign-up process if you wish to earn from this website.


This is an international workplace and it has no restriction for any users on the globe. And another plus point for RadioLayality is you can listen to the music as much as you want and earn money. 

RadioLoyality connects you with the best Best radio stations in the world. You just have to listen the radio, no reviews or you do not even need press a button, you will be paid for every 10 minutes you listen the Radio.

But the only problem is " Does it worth the time?". Yes even though working here is so easy, It is not going to pay you like in the websites mentioned before.

Yes, this website is only gonna pay you such as $0.10 for 10 minutes you listen the radio. But its still worth as you do not need to sit in front of it, you can leave it alone and do your work. However, it is your choice.

Final Words

So these are the best websites on the internet for you to earn some bucks while listening music. If you are too interested in the topic you can also check out the following websites too

Inboxdollars  (They recently launched this section.)

These website is not going to make you super rich. But they are going to pay you for something already do. So isn't it worth of trying it. And that's all I have to write on this topic.

I also love to hear from you, the comment section is all yours. If you found this article is useful do not forget to share this with your friends. 

Thanks for reading

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