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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The best way to make a lot of referrals for any website for free

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Most of the money earning websites, allow us to increase our income through making referrals as it is the main method of expanding their website for free.

No matter what is the program you are working with it may be a PTC site , Mini job site, Survey site or any kind of money making website, if it allows you to make direct referrals you can use this method to make hundreds of referrals within few days.

However, here I'm not going to direct you to a magical website which you just have to put your referrals link and hundreds of referrals flowing through it.

You may already have tried so many methods such as telling friends and family and posting on Facebook etc. However, none of us have thousands of close friends, so these things are never going to bring you too many referrals. So this may be the time for you do something professional.

In this strategy, you need to go through 4 steps to archive your goal. And you also need to think and work very smartly to get the maximum profit of your effort. So lets we navigate through your money machine formula.

1. Determine whether the website you are referring is Famous or not.  

I know this do not make any sense. However, here you have a question to say yes or no. According to the answer, the rest of the process in going to separate for two different ways.

The first thing you need to do is determining the website you are going to promote is famous or not. This is not a hard task, You can easily decide this by googling about the website.

If that website has been reviewed by a lot of people and also if it has so many forum discussions it is definitely a famous website which is used by a lot of people to make money. If it isn't it is not famous.

Do not worry if you feel the above step as a hard task. Then use this simple alternative. Visit the, it is a website about traffic rankings of all the websites on the internet.

Then enter the URL of the website you are working and check its traffic rank. If it is below 100 000 it can be considered as a famous website otherwise, it is not much popular.

2. Make an attractive landing page for your ref link.

This is the most important part of the process, so you need to bring all your hard work here. And there are so many things you need to consider when doing this.

Choose any of blogging or demo website building platform as you wish. I recommend you to use Blogger as it can be accessed by anyone who had a google account and also it is the easiest web platform I ever used.

Now, first of all, choose the name of your landing page as suitable to the website you are gonna promote and customize its view as it convinced the reader, you are serious. 

The importance of the thing we have done in step one comes here. You have to choose two different ways to create the article by considering whether the website is famous or not.

As an example if you are going to make refs on a PTC site, and if it is Neobux everybody who already familiar with PTC sites already know about it. So you need to bring 100% newbie people about PTC there.

Otherwise, if you are promoting a less famous new website the best option for you is bringing people who already know about that industry.

So if you are about a less famous website, create your article showing the advantages of the website relative to the other competitors of the industry. So then the people who are already familiar with similar websites will grab the opportunity immediately.

However, If you are about a famous website then do not try to compare your referring website with others, Just be so simple and describe A to Z to how to earn there, how to join there, how to cash out and receive money, as your article is going to be read by people who are 100% new on making money online.

If you think, you are not a good writer to write an attractive article, and still want to do this, you can hire someone for a very low cost with a website such as iWriter or find a super cool article about the exact website on the internet and copy paste it.

And edit its links with your referral link. But do not forget to link the original post as the source at the end of the article, otherwise, you may have to face problems about the copy write.

Also, do not forget to use the best suitable title for your article. Once you finish this, you have officially launched your referral machine.

3. Find out some traffic sources for your article.

However, you are not completely done yet. readers will be not automatically driven into your article, you need to drive them there.

Find out some Facebook groups, Google+ communities, forums etc, which are suitable for your article. So if you are going to refer people to a less famous website it is better to post your article in e-money communities, as they can be easily attracted to an another e-money program.

So as I said if you going to refer people to a famous website such as Neobux no one on an e-money community may even want to look at your post.

So now you need to think about people who can easily attract for an earn money online program. Think about gaming communities and communities about Apps and Softs, aren't they the best opportunity to you?

4. Share your knowledge for the world.

Finally, you have to post the link to your landing page on the traffic sources you already made up. However, it is not all over by sharing it once with them. Repeat the action over and over whenever you can. More traffic on the article is going to make more referrals.

And that's all I had to say about making referrals, I know it is just a rough sketch you have to personalize it.

You may have ideas and suggestions to improve this strategy, then why don't you share it with all of us? the comment section is all yours. Do not forget to share this with you friends if you found this was informative. 
Thanks for reading.

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