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Sunday, October 2, 2016

5 ways to earn money from Facebook

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What is Facebook? Facebook is the most famous social media in the whole world. It is really hard to find someone who doesn't know about Facebook even from the entire globe. That's why it becomes the best marketplace for anyone to reach the best-targeted audience for their product.

Yes, we are talking about the same thing, the place we use to share our photos captured during our vacation, the same place we use to chat with our old friends and also the same place we use to share an awesome youtube video we just watched with our friends.

And that's what exactly matter, you can share any content trough Facebook. And we are going to make use of this to earn money. So here I'm going to talk about 5 ways to earn money by doing posting on Facebook. Choose the thing which is suitable for you.

1. Promote your own Website or Blog.

If you are a person with good creative ideas and some skills with the internet, why would you waste your Facebook traffic for someone else, build up your own website and sell your stuff there, That's how you are going to make the full use of Facebook.

However, the above paragraph doesn't mean that only commercial websites or blogs can earn money. You can write about any niche you are interested, and make a non-commercial website and give away free information like me. 

Create great looking articles and share them on Facebook, You can earn money for every visitor who visits your blog, Basically by displaying ads on your content. And displaying ads is the most primary way of earning through a website, so check out the article below.

To be honest, Facebook will not do the job alone, it doesn't give the total potential for a new website to grow up, but it is the best place to start driving traffic to your content. And it was mine too.

So as an example imagine you are posting a blog about new clothing Fashions, then find out some Facebook groups about Clothing and share your content on them, People on those groups will love to hear from you. You can learn a lot more things being in the industry.

2. Do a referral campaign, and earn through them.

Referrals are the persons who joined to any money earning program with the guidance of you. So the website owners have a good reason to pay you a commission of your referrals earnings as you made them work there.

The commission may be 10% 20% or any percentage of your referrals earnings it defers from website to website.

Most of the online money making programs process a referral system, Why they don't it the best way to promote their website with no budget. It's similarly important for you as you can earn a commission from their earnings by doing nothing.

If you are already working with earning website this may be the time to boost your earning. If you are not, try some survey or mini job sites even a PTC site. Imagine how cool it is if you have thousands of referrals, then they will earn hundreds of dollars for you while you are sitting back watching they earn for you. 

But all this glory doesn't come with nothing, you have to work for it. Make an attractive landing page for your referral link and share it all over the Facebook.

As I said before Facebook is a rich source of people with any kind of interest. There are hundreds of Facebook groups with thousands of members on "earn money online", then why can't you attract them to your referral program.

If you're looking for much bigger results then move on to advertising on Facebook, Facebook ads can perfectly target the audience with age, gender and the location. So you can reach thousands of people with your message for few bucks.

3. Promote a website in

This method is an alternative to the method 1. If you don't have the enough time to maintain a blog or a website just forget the first way and move on to this.

Mylikes is a website which is going to make a blog for you. You don't need to write a single word on it. They provide you tons of fresh content to share on social medias such as Facebook.

Once you sign UP with Mylikes they will create you a blog using your username as the domain of the blog. But you have the authority to customize the view of your blog and also to decide what to share with your website.

Once you registered there and create your blog, all you need to do is picking up few articles which are seems to be interesting for your Facebook friends and share those articles with your friends. However, do not over use this and spot out as a spammer. 

Mylikes pays you in a pay per click(PPC) basis. Every visitor you send there will earn you few cents.
The income from a click is not always the same, click from the US or the UK is worth like $0.012 and that value decreases for a value such as $0.008 for the visitors from the rest of the globe.

So you have an average around $0.01 for click on your Facebook post. So on $1 for 100 views, that's not a bad deal.

However, this is just an alternative to method one, you can earn more than $0.01 from a visitor with your own website. So don't waste your magical words if you are a good writer.

4. Affiliate marketing, help the producers to sell their products.

Think you are mobile phone producer, and you make a mobile phone far more similar to Apple iPhone 7, Will it receive the same interest as Apple iPhone 7? No, nowhere near, they have a name and dedicated fans for their products.

So every new producer struggle there. No matter how cool their products are but no one hears about those. Here comes the affiliate marketing, you introduce their products to your audience and you receive a commission from the every sale you made.

Now there are hundreds of affiliate programs on the internet such as Amazon affiliate program and share your affiliate link with your dedicated fans. To be honest, you will never do this with your personal Facebook profile.

Build up a Facebook page, if you haven't already and update it regularly and build up a dedicated fan base at least with 10 000 fans, then you can try affiliate marketing.

Otherwise, it's just a dream. But it is worth for effort as it is going to be count as pennies as in the other programs. It will reward you with big numbers from few dollars to hundreds of dollars for a single sale.

So if you are 100% new to this read the article below by Social Caffeine about how to set up a successful Facebook page.
How to Create a Popular, Profitable Facebook Page in 7 Easy Steps

But most importantly remember to promote things suite for your audience for better results, Fans of your Fashion FB page will more prefer to buy a T-Shirt than a Basketball helmet.

5. Sell your Facebook audience for other Website owners.

Similarly, as in affiliate marketing, you are not going to perform this with your Facebook profile. You need to set up a Facebook page with at least 10 000 fans to perform this either. 

There are few ways you can perform this create Fiver account and make a gig for selling posts on your Facebook page. Also, try websites such as ShopSomething and BuySellads to sell posts on your fan page. Do not forget to price your fan page post reasonably, otherwise, no one will buy a post from you.

The most important thing with this method is you are not responsible for the result of the post. Advertisers buy your posts then you post them, once you post it you will be rewarded.

Final words

If you spend hours on Facebook for a day, Why don't you try some smart move to earn some dollars while enjoying your Facebooking? But it doesn't mean that you are going to earn for nothing, It is also a job too it needs your dedication.

So hope you enjoy the article, Do not forget to share this with your friends if you found this is useful. Feel free to ask anything or suggest the things you know even to express your opinion about this post comments are open for all of you.
Thanks for reading. 

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