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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Quickrewards review -The Quickest rewarding mini job and Survey website

earn some quick money by doing easy tasks

If you googled for earn money online, definitely find out thousands of options for you. But the problem is a lot of them are scams and lot of the rest are worthless for your effort.

So however the program which I am going to introduce you may not be the best suitable for you. However, they pay you pretty quick without a minimum amount to payout. Isn't it worth for taking a look?

Most of the GPT sites pays on a weekly or monthly basis, at least they have a minimum amount to pay. However, Quickrewards defer from them they do not have a minimum payment amount to proceed the payments.

They pay you even a single cent you earned. Similarly, all the payments are processed within a day.

So if you are interested in the program, take a visit from here. Even though it pay you fast it still there few thins you need to know.

Payment options

There are no many payment options available for payment. Paypal is the only payment option available. Apart from PayPal, you can still request your payments with gift cards on your favorite online stores such as Amazon.

Only allowed for members from US and UK

This program is not allowed all around the globe. They only accept members from US and UK. That is the main disadvantage I found there. People outside the US and Uk are redirected to another website called opinion route and I have no idea about that.

Earning options has a number of ways to earn such as doing offers, Surveys , Daily clicks , Video watching etc. However all of them are not quick as their payments, Surveys and Video watchings usually takes 2 or 3 days to be credited to your balance.

Meanwhile, offers credited within minutes and daily clicks credited instantly. So if you are in a hurry to receive the money you have to defend on offers and daily clicks. However, there are thousands of offers and click tasks, so you will never run out of them.

Earnings are credited as Quick Points (QP) 100 QP has the same value of $0.01. So as an example if you complete an offer worth 5000 QP you have earned $ 0.5 from it.

The design of the website

From the first view, it totally looks like trash. This website begins on 2002 and it's still paying, so you do not have to worry whether they pay or not. As the website its design also decades old.

From the first day, I visited this program, I feel this a scam even though I read so many positive reviews about it due to its design of the website.

Referral Program

Quickrewards also process a referral program as the others GPT sites. You have the ability to join unlimited amount of direct referrals and receive their referral commission. There referral commission is only 5% and it's a low value relative to the other sites.

Final Words

This is a very good website for a second income. And it the most effective way to earn few bucks for the online use I ever found. It is a trusted website by thousands of loyal members over decades.

However, this is not going to make you rich there are no offers which are going to pay you in thousands of dollars. As it pays pretty quick, it really motivates you to earn there, so give it a try.

That's all I have to write about Quickrewards it's up to you now. If you enjoy reading this do not forget to share this with your friends. Do not think twice to comment your opinion below it is the most worth thing for me.
Thanks for reading.

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