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Friday, November 18, 2016

5 ways to earn money with manual Traffic Exchange websites

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Most probably, you are well aware of traffic exchange websites. If you are not two sentences below will perfectly describe it.

Traffic Exchanges are a kind of websites which allow you to visit websites, and in return, you can earn visits to your websites. Simply if you visit a website, someone will visit your website in return.

As an extra offer checkout, the websites below those are the best reputed and trusted Traffic Exchange websites in the industry for now.

1. Easyhits4U - Live since 2003 and it's the biggest traffic exchange network available.
2. Hitlink - Also a leading traffic exchange website.
3. Trafficswirl - It's also live from 2003 and leading exchanger.

I am not going to make this list bigger as this is not our topic. And also keep in mind those strategies may not applicable for bot auto-surfing websites.

1. The pure Surfer - Earn by surfing websites

This is the most primary way to earn money with traffic exchange websites. This is not going to reward you high, but anyone with a computer can do this. That why its comes the first place in the list.

Most traffic exchange websites pay the surfers. In Easyhits4U that value is $0.3 for every 1000 web pages you surf. And others are also paying a similar amount of money.

Yes, It may a peanut, But it's just a bi-product. You need website visits, those will earn you bigger. And more importantly, it doesn't take much time visit 1000 web pages either. If the timer is 10 seconds you can make it from 3 hours, it also counts the loading time of the webpage.

2. Few seconds are enough to Impress someone  (Affiliate Marketing)

OK, this is the big fish I am going to talk about, If you need to earn big money from Traffic exchange this is the way. 

First find out a product that, traffic exchange surfer may interested in. It may most probably about earn money online, auto money making bot, or a website building tool or even an SEO tool. As most of the people surf for money, so it's their common interest. Definitely, it is not a good place to sell a T-Shirt.

It's also nice if you can find something cost only few bucks, you can easily find such thing from Clickbank or from a website who are developing money making bots. And become an affiliate marketer of it.

Once you found it, Create a web page promoting it, make use of Traffic Exchange websites to make people visit it. Also, there are few things you need to focus when creating it.
  • Make it Simple and Fast loading. (As traffic exchanges also count the time to load)
  • Make it highly Eye-Catching ( You have a limited time to impress the visitor)
  • Use a custom domain ( makes you a cheap spammer) 
  • Include real numbers in the descriptions, they work better
However, you can not expect a high conversion rate for sales, so keep experimenting until you find the best formula. If it is working better you don't need to surf anymore, you can buy credits.

3. Promote someone else website with PTP 

So if you can not make a website and promote content, that's not the end of the world, You still have some options to earn with your credits.

PTP means paid to promote. Simply this is the brother of PTC (Paid to Click), here you have to promote the websites. Once you signup with PTP website such as Rotate4all, you will have your Paid to Promote link you just have to assign your credit for that link. So the PTP program you joined will pay you for every visit you deliver.

PTP pay rate differs from $0.3 to 1 for $1000 page views you deliver. So most probably you will earn on an average of $0.6 for 1000 page views.

4. Sell your Website credits

You can also sell the website credits you earned by surfing the web. As an Example think, you are surfing on Easyhits4U. It costs such as $1 for 1000 pageviews, So if the advertiser can purchase the same amount of pageviews from you for $0.5 he may be happier to deal with you than the Easyhits4U website.

However, I never found a platform to make these deals. But you can still use the e-money forums such as Emoney Space and Earning Forum to find customers. State as you are selling Easyhit4U credits on your signature too.

5. Making Referrals for other earning websites

This is the main use of TE for most of the people. But according to this is not a much profitable way to earn with Traffic Exchange websites.

Surfers are hurt of watching Neobux and Clxsense so your referrals link may not be something special for them. So if you are trying to make refs for world's most famous earning websites, it will be a completely waste of efforts.

It might be easy to make referrals for new and fresh websites. But as I said before there is very low conversion rate. It's very hard to make active refs with Traffic Exchange. That's why it takes the last place on my list.

That all I had on this topic. Also, you can boost your earnings through making some referrals the Traffic Exchange website you are working with. Comments are open for your opinion.
Thanks for reading.

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