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Monday, December 26, 2016

9+ pro tips to be a Good Online Earner

earn money online the right way
I had already written so many websites to earn money online. And I will write further too, and also, there so many other sources you can find out information about those too.

You will read them, you may also, try them too. But the problem remains the same, you are not getting the expected results. So that's why I need to write this article.

May be the problem is not with the place you work, it may be the way you work. So go through the tips below. It will help you to earn money like a pro.

1. Part time or Full time

There are two different types of people looking for online jobs. Students and already employed people are looking for a part time job meanwhile, some people are looking for a job to earn their whole income in front of a computer.

If you just trying dig out some extra bucks do not grab a job with hard responsibilities. Stay with some simple tasks, something brings immediate results, such as survey, micro jobs, nd PTC etc. Your job or studies may not give you enough time to read charts and trade. 

If you think to earn all your expenses with the internet it will not be a good idea to fill surveys all the day. Try something big, start your own website or blog on a niche you are really good at, even a youtube channel. 

Freelancer jobs including Freelancer writing is also a good career choice. But it can also be a part time job too with a limited working plan. Online trading also another cool career choice, but you need a lot of knowledge and practice before step on it. 

If you are interested in Forex trading, try a website such as Babypips, it will teach you A to Z on Forex market. 

2. Make sure you are at the right place

Even if you earn hundreds of dollars on a scam website it's just a waste of time. So if you wish to join on any website to work on first of all make sure you can trust them and they will pay you.

This is not a hard task at all, just type the name + review on the google and read some reviews about it. With these reviews, you might be able to find out more information about the website too.

But most importantly, give a priority to forum discussions when reading reviews, as websites may buy paid reviews from bloggers but they can't buy a whole community.

The full meaning of right place to work doesn't limits scam or legit. You must choose something best suited to your skills. If you have pro writing skills you should not waste your time writing paid reviews on amazon products for few cents.

3. Just Sign Up with programs you can do

This is a very important fact. If you not a big fan of music you can't earn money by reviewing music on SlicethePie. So move on with something you really love, otherwise, it will just ruin your time.

4. Do not move on so quickly

Simply, you can't judge somewhere better or not with experience of a single day. If you start a new website or even if you work on any earning website, you can't reach your maximum potential from the day of hello.

As it always said, practice makes you perfect. You have to hang on for a while to grab the tips and tricks you need to reach the maximum profit.

As an example when I first started working micro jobs it was pretty hard to earn a $1 for a day. But with the weeks of experience I could earn $10+ easily with working 3 or 4 hours. Learn how I earn $10+ a day with micro jobs.

5. Keep a variety of things to do

This is something affect on your mind. If you are looking at the same screens all the day, It will reduce your effectiveness. Make yourself fresh with something new.

Yes, it is right. If you are a pro writer with magical words you will earn a lot of $$$ with writing than something else. But also try to click some PTC ads in between your writings, it will give your mind a break.

6. Keep a To-Do list

This is very important if you are blog or website builder or even a YouTuber. As you initially have to work without any many. You may forget things to do. But the list will remind you the missing tasks.

But keep in mind to make it simple as possible. Do not fill it up with unnecessary tasks.

This is similarly important to people who are working with multiple websites. (Like me) List all the websites you are earning with on your To-Do list.

7. Leave some time for Experiments

You may be earning well with the website you work right now. But you also have to check out the other similar websites too. 

So as an example if you are earning well with Inboxdollars also try Swagbucks, it may work better for you. However, as I said before do not move on so quickly. Take some time to make sure you got the right decision.

8. Life is a hell without Holidays

What is the use of money if you haven't a day to spend some of the and make some fun. Don't make yourself it's hard to leave the Computer and the Internet for a day.

Otherwise, your busy life will gradually start to hate earn money online.

9. Do not overload yourself

When you are working with internet you are the boss. So no one decides how many hours you should work. It's your decision. So you need enough rest to stay mentally strong. 

Always keep in mind to keep some time to spend with your family, friends and other things you love.

Also, do not Ignore works without a proper reason

This is the opposite of the above fact. As you are your own boss you can also ignore things and keep doing nothing. 

No matter the job is online or offline nothing comes with no effort. So you have to work if you need to work. If it is really hard for you to stay on work, schedule yourself with holidays and a simple To-Do list.

Final words

As I said before I am not earning thousands of dollars online. However, I earn $300+ a month and spend a happy life with my earnings. So I thought these things might help you too just like they did me.

So finally if you enjoy reading the article, let me know your opinion too. And it's open for you to add your pro tips too. The comment section is all belongs to the reader.

Thanks for reading.

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