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Who am I?

My name is Thiranja Lakrandika Somarathna and I was born 1995. My resident is Sri Lanka. Currently, I'm following a cause called Computer Science in Colombo University.

With my studies and also from my nature I spend a lot of time in front of the computer and the internet. So I'm trying to make the internet a more productive place for me. That's why I love to earn money online.

According to the day of writing this, I have spent over 5 years on the Internet trying various money making programs on the Internet.

After all, I am sad to announce that most of the programs are scams and only some of them are real. However, all these real and paying programs also were not good enough to go on with them. If you need to make a hard effort to make five cents is that worth?

What am I doing here?

Well, I don't know whether you know about this or not, A blogging is a pretty cool way to make money. So I chose to teach the others about what I know, and give it a chance to boost my earnings.

I have worked with so many earn money online programs in past years some make happy and the rest couldn't do that.

However, I am not going to all depend on things I experienced. I research things and bring those things in front of you if I found them worth for you to see.

And I also need to say I am not doing all these alone, I have a bunch of friends who are successfully making their whole income with the internet.

So they too have cool ideas to share with the world. You also can help me to make this a better place, Contact me to share your online strategy with the world.

What is my income?

As I am writing about ways to earn money with the Internet. You have a right to know how much of money am I making with the internet.

If you expect an amount with 4 or more numbers, I'm sorry, I am not such a big earner. Even though lot of bloggers on this niche shows such things I thought to stay bit honest here.

I don't know whether they are really making such money or not. However, I'm making 300+ dollars a month with few hours of work a day. 

But I'm not a full-time earner, with my studies I only have few ours a day to work. This may also cause me writing more about part-time jobs.

However, My jobs will also have the ability to earn over, $800 a month with full-time effort. Hope this will be a useful place for you.   

Thank you.